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Someone Once Told Me . . .

"Potential is God's gift to us. How we choose to use that Potential is our Gift to God." That is the journey I am committed to. Unlocking my potential and using that understanding to inspire others to become a better version of themselves too. 

How do I Turn My Life into My Business? This is the question I wrestle with daily. It's the story I am working to write on a daily basis because inspiring others, I believe, is a real profession. 

In a prior life, I was a professional baseball player. I traveled that journey for my first 25 years. In the end, that path to MLB was cut shorter than I envisioned. In the years that followed, I felt lost. I spent a long time searching for something to fill that hole. 

Over the past 15 years a new path had been revealed to me. It's become clear that being a professional baseball player was never God's plan for me. I now see that His Plan & My Purpose is use my experience to be an example. A mentor. A guide. To impact the lives of young men chasing the same dreams that I once did. 

I am not special. At least no more than the next guy. What I am is exceptionally focused. I'm on a Mission to Live a Life Uncommon. To demonstrate with my thoughts, words & actions what is possible for anyone who chooses to opt out of what's "reasonable." It's not easy. I know. But if I am ever to honor God's Gift by milking every last ounce of my potential, it's the only choice that I can make.
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Jason Theme - 

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