Whose Voice Is That Anyway?


Quick Note: These events [below] actually happened yesterday. In fact, I wrote this article yesterday. I just waited until this morning to publish because the voice told me that was the safest thing to do.

[You know, that way I didn’t have to think of something else to write today.]

Can you relate?

Yes? If so, comment below and let me know what the voice tells you AND one thing that you are doing to drown out or disregard the meaningless chatter.

So here’s the story ….

4:52am Thursday Morning. My mental alarm went off.

I set my actual alarm for 5:00am rather than 4:30am because I was up past 11:00pm the night before — at a seminar.

Getting up is not my problem though. My body is pretty well conditioned for the early wake up call. It’s a commitment I made to myself and for myself.

But here’s where things got a little squirrely.

Me: “What day is it?”

The Voice: “It’s Thursday.”

Me: “Okay … that’s right … men’s group at church this morning … What else do I have going on today? Obligations? Meetings? Calls? Appointments? Events?”

[You know, the kinda stuff that challenges us introverts.]

The Voice: “Nope, the schedule is pretty well clear until this afternoon. Remember, you are working on prepping Cate for next week.”

[Cate is my new team member. She’s the unicorn that I made brief mention of in Tuesday’s email. She starts Monday. And she’s already paying dividends by doing some recon behind the scenes.]

Me: “Oh yeah … sure … I remember now.”

The Voice“Yeah, thank goodness you are busy with THAT today, so that you don’t have to do _______________________________.”

[Fill in the blank … with any offering from the buffet of activities I know are good for me and my business but far too often get pushed to the back. Because, you know, I’m simply too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be busy so that I don’t have to do the things that I know actually make a difference.]

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is my internal chatter.

By 4:53am — before I’d even inched a toe out of my warm bed — the voice in my head had it all planned out for me. He told me exactly how I would and would not play the game of life today.

Fascinating isn’t it?

Fascinating how much our lives are run by that little joker.

I’ll tell ya, some days, he’s a GOLIATH. Screaming at me to give in. Give up the fight. Take shortcuts.

He pleads with me to “just be okay with the status quo.”

But I can’t. I won’t.

Because that voice is NOT me.

I know this, which means that I can laugh at the absurdity of his tone.

So what to do about it?

The answer is NOTHING and EVERYTHING.

Nothing to do about the voice itself and everything to do in spite of it.

The first thing I did was document it. I hopped out of the shower, rumbled downstairs, grabbed my journal and jotted down MY thoughts.

All of them.

And I made a commitment to myself. When I got to the office, I would sit down and write out a list of all of the ways that I could act upon promises I’ve made to myself.

Ways that I am a powerful communicator.

Ways that I influence others.

Ways that I create an environment of support & encouragement, in which my team will thrive.

Ways that I am creating new and different possibilities.

Because the truth is … while the “voices” in our industry may staunchly advocate otherwise, when it comes to the principles of business, we don’t follow the “traditional” script.

You see, we don’t do the “Hang Up Hokey-Pokey”

We don’t “Dial for Dollars” or play “Cold Calling Bingo.”

We have no desire to be “Solicitors.”

No sir — like Andy said in the comment directly above, at Three Pillars Realty and Voices of Impact, we are running “real” businesses.

Real businesses with sophisticated business models.

Sophisticated business models built on the back of relationships, content, connections, and community platforms.

And … I freaking love the daily challenge that presents!

Of course, the challenge of sophistication requires solving harder problems. Solving harder problems often breeds resistance.

That little joker loves resistance. He is resistance.

He wants to run the show. He absolutely hates it when we play big because he’s knows we are better than he is.

I hear him shouting right now … And I’m not listening.

He’s not helpful.

Next time he comes calling, tell him to ‘Go Kick Rocks.’

Do It anyway. You deserve it.

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Photo Credit to: Philippe Put (Flickr Creative Commons)

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