This Exercise Got Me To Thinking


I’m writing this from 10,000 feet headed to Orlando for the next few days. It’s a conference made up almost exclusively of Realtors but we aren’t going to talk transaction counts, call scripts and lead generation techniques.

Instead we’ll discuss movements, message creation, community impact and team building.

As much as I’ve always enjoyed traveling, I equally hate to leave home. Hate leaving Kristin and the kids. I get a pit in my stomach every time. Always have. Dating back to when I used to leave each spring for baseball. The build up of those last few days before I’d pack up the car and trek to Florida for Spring Training.

Not my favorite.

I don’t think I could be one of those dads who travels for a living. I suppose you’d get used to it after a while.


But then again, I don’t want to be desensitized. That’s not me.

It’s always harder, I believe, to be the one who leaves than the one left behind. And this time, before I left, Kristin remarked that she wanted me to write everything down — bank account numbers, business information, references, points of contact because “God forbid anything were to happen to me.”

No doubt, it was a responsible request. Still, I’ll admit, it felt weird to sit down and write out the entire combination to the back end of your life, for someone else to use.

Maybe. Someday.

Then again, as time goes on, we assume our roles, right?

I’d be equally lost if I were suddenly tasked with prepping kids’s lunches. Making sure homework was done. Show and tell was packed. Braids and ponytails were squared away.

But this exercise got me to thinking … “God forbid something were to happen,” what else would I want to leave behind?

Immediately I think of the kids. They, of course, are one of the primary reasons I started to write more — a lot more — over two years ago.

And after giving it some thought, the number one thing that I’d want to leave them with is this . . .

Always make sure that your future is brighter than your past.

That’s the magic elixir. As Dan Sullivan says, “We remain young to the degree that our ambitions are greater than our memories. When you make your ambitions greater than your memories, you’ll enjoy a sense of purpose, momentum, and vitality for your entire lifetime.”

And that is the very reason that I am here. Traveling this week.

Because once you grasp that sense of purpose and that kind of momentum, it’s intoxicating.

You can’t let the flame die out.

And you can’t help but want to share it with other people.

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Ryan France

Ryan France is a native of Austin Texas, father of two, super-early riser, avid reader, admitted podcast junkie & bulletproof coffee addict. In a past life, France was an aspiring professional baseball player. Today, Ryan is an entrepreneur, author and relentless innovator of the real estate industry. Read more on the "Who is Ryan?" page.