Strengthening The Chain Of Inspiration

Daily Observations

Clearly, last week’s message struck a chord. The idea of “struggling well” hit home for folks.

Not twenty minutes after I sent out the email, I received text from my friend Kevin “Damn, I liked your newsletter today … I sent it to our whole company.” 

Of that, I am honored. Kevin works with/for a premier content producing platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners. He and his colleagues help people who have a message, share that message.

As the day stretched on, similar email responses rolled in.

From Regan: Fantastic wisdom this week. I always look forward to the [Friday] email … Everyone knows it’s the journey, not the destination, but this is (at least) one layer deeper. Also, I love this: “Find bigger and better problems to solve.”Amen.

From Maggie: Just wanted to write you a quick note to say that I am inspired and motivated by your weekly emails. Not only are you a good writer but a thought provoker and a true inspiration.

From Mark: This reminds me of a talk I heard from one of our customers who owns [a business]. He kept saying how they “failed” their way to success.

From Jay: [This message] hit right home for me brother. I sit back every night and think about what my top 3 struggles were that day. If I fill out less than 3, I push myself harder the next day.

From Jared: This is really well written Ryan, thanks for sharing! How do you doit bro

I love when a message echoes. Some weeks, my inbox is flooded with quick responses and other weeks, it’s pretty quiet. But truthfully, the validation and feedback is not why I “do it.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the commentary and interaction but the the meaning and the purpose behind it all is deeper than just that.

I think in order to answer Jared’s question, we need to both look at the how and the why.

They are unmistakably intertwined. 

As kind as it was for Maggie’s to say, I wouldn’t necessarily label myself “inspiring” as much as I am “inspired.”

By others.

Great ideas flow from great thinkers. And when I hear, see, read or watch something that resonates or inspires, I take note. Notes, I should say. My phone is full of them.

I have trained myself to be hyper-vigilant. Much like Ray Dalio, who I mentioned last week, I keep a running log of my thoughts, observations and reactions. 

The practice of a daily download, as Dalio states in his book Principles, is a good “discipline” because it forces you to “research and reflect every day.”

And through that research and reflection, you begin to see common threads. By taking bits and pieces of other people’s wisdom & insight and weaving them with your own experience, you begin to formulate opinions. In time, those opinions become hypotheses. Once tested, those hypotheses become arguments and eventually convictions.

Before you know ityou’ve formulated your own worldview.

Your operating Principles.

Simon Sinek, author of the books, Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why famously said, “People buy what you believe.”

It’s true. There is no more powerful force than likemindedness. Affinity of the mind. I believe that if you can put across what you believe, the right people will be attracted back to you. And that is why this audience [the Friday email] continues to grow.

One and two at a time.

A mentor of mine always says that if you won’t write for ONE, then you’ll never write for MANY. The size of your audience doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say. 

Believe it or not, the writing is not the hard part. The hard part is knowing what to write about. And I always go back to one of the key tenets of message that has been drilled into my head over time …

We don’t write to simply put words on a paper, we write to share our beliefs, our convictions, our methods and insights. With others, who think and feel the same way.

Admittedly, there are some weeks where I get to Wednesday or Thursdayand wonder, what the heck and I going to write about this week? I don’t have anything to say.

But it always goes back to those Beliefs. Values. Principles.

When I’m stuck, I know immediately where to look — to my daily observations. Those daily inspirations. Already well documented.

You see, writing is nothing more than refined thinking. And when your mind [and your phone] is already filled with thoughts, ideas, insight and wisdom gleaned from others, often, the message writes itself.

And then, of course, the natural desire is to want to share that message. With others. With folks like Kevin, Regan, Maggie, Mark, Jay and Jared.

It‘s the best way that I know how to grow and strengthen the chain of inspiration.

And at the of the day, that is both the how and the why.

Even if, it‘s just one person at a time.

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