This Still Rings True


I got an email from my buddy, Eric, the other day, with the subject line: And Just Like That …. I Am OUT!!

The end of an era. A strong run.

For 18 consecutive months, like clockwork, you could expect to open your email each morning and find one of Eric’s Musings — a thought, a quick note, his perspective on life or business.

As consistency is one of the traits that I admire most in people, I find that kind of commitment to be wildly impressive. In fact, Eric was the one who inspired me to start writing these Friday emails, to you, over a year ago.

But I cannot say that I’m all that surprised. In fact, I’m amazed that he stuck with his daily cadence as long as he did.

It’s tough. Trust me.

While it may only take you 2–3, or on a particularly boisterous Friday 4–5, minutes to read through one of these articles, in truth, it can take hours to prepare them.

Normally, I like to have my Friday articles outlined by Wednesday and drafted by Thursday morning, at the latest. But it’s 5:32am Friday morning, as I sit here in front of the keyboard. It’s the first time, this week, that I’ve had the mental clearance to sit down and wrap my head around what I’d actually like to share with you this week.

Cutting it awful close France.

Then again, sometimes the best sparks of inspiration reveal themselves under tight deadlines.

And this got me to thinking. Or asking really …

What was I writing about this time last year, or the year prior?

See, that’s one of the benefits of consistency.

I’ve been writing new content each week, yes, but more so, I’ve been documenting the journey — one article at one snapshot in time. Creating a catalogue of evergreen content. While the dates in the byline may change, the themes, the topics, the lessons learned … to me, they are timeless.

Case in point …

This week, I‘ve been helping my neighbors purchase another house in our neighborhood. The timing couldn’t be worse. They are scheduled to leave town in two weeks, spending the rest of the summer traveling internationally. But we’ve had our eye on a very specific type of house and wouldn’t you know it, it finally popped up last weekend.

I suppose when fate knocks, you have no choice but to answer.

Monday we were under contract. Check. Inspections Wednesday. Check. One last thing to do, to ensure they were protected. Double check the HVAC system. The last thing you want to come home to, after being gone all summer, is a blank thermostat or water pouring through the ceiling sheetrock.

And as far as I’m concerned, Edgar and his team are the best in the business — at the HVAC double check. As I wrote in June of 2015 — You Cannot Put a Price Tag on That Kind of Trust.

There is a lot more I’d planned to get to but alas, my hourglass for this morning has run out. The kids are up and it’s time for me to get breakfast rolling.

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Ryan France

Ryan France is a native of Austin Texas, father of two, super-early riser, avid reader, admitted podcast junkie & bulletproof coffee addict. In a past life, France was an aspiring professional baseball player. Today, Ryan is an entrepreneur, author and relentless innovator of the real estate industry. Read more on the "Who is Ryan?" page.