Punctuated By Positivity

Punctuated by positivity

I sat across the closing table from a client, a couple mornings ago. At one point, she paused mid-signature, exhaled, looked around and remarked, “Gosh, this buying and selling a home is a lot of work . . .”

Rebecca and I started the process way back in February. Thanks are due to my buddy Spencer, a Realtor in the New Braunfels area. He played match-maker, putting the two of us in touch.

We listed her house the first week in April. Within 24 hours, it was already under contract. A brief moment of exhilaration, due in large part to Rebecca’s dedication to our approach. Her steadfast determination in getting getting the home ready to sell.

In this month’s newsletter, I highlighted Rebecca’s All-Star effort.

But unfortunately, quick contracts don’t always foretell smooth closings. Less than a week later, the buyer’s inspection turned up a laundry list of issues. Roof decking and shingles were in need of replacement. The fireplace and chimney were cracked. Windows were shot.

Some of these things we’d anticipated, others were virtual blindsides.

A few days after we came to an agreement on repairs, a call came in from the buyer’s agent. Overnight, the buyer endured a sudden and tragic family loss. He’d likely be out of touch for up to two weeks. Grieving.

Once again we found ourselves in limbo. Waiting. Fingers crossed. All the while, Rebecca was under contract to buy a new home elsewhere. That contract contingent upon this sale. Tense and taxing, to say the least.

“. . . Every day it was something new,” she remarked at closing, “I mean Thank God I wasn’t working. This was a full time job.”

A wry smile creasing her face 🙂

Never has a smiley face emoji been more apropos. Through all of the ups and downs — the entire emotional rollercoaster — I was inspired by Rebecca’s patience and upbeat attitude.

Every single text message from her, punctuated with positivity. 

You know, a lot of people assume that once the house is listed or better yet, under contract, the heavy lifting is done. It’s smooth sailing. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You know, a lot of people assume that once the house is listed or better yet, under contract, the heavy lifting is done. It’s smooth sailing. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you are dealing with mounds of paperwork and contingent deadlines. When you are dealing with lenders and inspectors, appraisers and underwriters, roofers and septic systems, surveyors and title companies … it’s not uncommon for fires to start popping up left and right.

Buying and selling at the same time?

Go ahead and multiply the potential combustion by two.

This is where, over the past decade of working with buyers and sellers, I’ve had to condition myself to remain emotionally grounded. I coach my clients to take that approach as well. And yet, at the same time, much like someone who fights fires for a living, you have to remember that it’s people’s lives and livelihood that you are called to protect.

Yesterday morning I received what will likely be my final text from Rebecca:

Thank you Ryan for all of our amazing help with selling the Lakeway home! I truly appreciate everything that you have done. — Rebecca 🙂Text from Rebecca

Once again punctuated by positivity. And at the end of the day, I suppose a smiling home seller is all that matters.

I am grateful to both Rebecca and Spencer for trusting us to get the job done.

Gotta run … I think I see some new smoke on the horizon.

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