It’s Pretty Easy To Spot A Unicorn

Magnetic Attraction

Well … I think we nailed it. I’m confident we’ve identified the right person to help build out the blueprint for both Voices of Impact and Three Pillars.

Friday’s interviews went about as expected … minus the fact that one interviewee chose not to show up.

Crazy right?

Why would someone who invested almost a month into the application process stall out so close to the finish line?

I don’t get it.

Then again, this whole experience has been a fascinating observation in human psychology.

Today though, I want to share with you another experience from Friday.

Actually, this story began almost three years ago . . .

Cyndi and Gary reached out to me in the spring of twenty fifteen to help them make the move from ‘the Bay Area.’

I shared their story in my June Newsletter, in an article entitled, “Fortunately Fate Paired Us Up.” In that article I wrote:

“They were in the final stages of selling their home in California — a home that had been passed down within the family for fifty years …

Adding stress to the situation, they needed to find, buy and move into a new home within a four-week timeframe …

There was no doubt in my mind that I was up to that challenge …

Cyndi put me in touch with her daughter, Amanda … She was going to be their eyes and ears locally, following my lead.

After touring 10–15 homes, we found THE house they wanted … [a week later] we were officially under contract. But here’s the kicker, I’d still never met Gary and Cyndi face to face and neither of them had seen the house …

[So you can imagine my surprise] when Cyndi flew in from California on 18 hours notice to see her home and help work through the details …

[When I expressed my gratitude for her commitment] Cyndi looked at me and said, “of course, it was the least I could do … you stuck your neck out for us like we’ve known each other for years … After I read the stories on your website, I told Gary, this is a guy that we are NOT going to let down …”

You see, despite being homeowners for 30+ years, they’d never actually purchased a home before; much less from 2000+ miles away.”

Getting back to this past Friday . . .

I was now sitting face to face with their son Jonathan. We connected in early December. He called to ask if we could help him purchase investment propert(ies) in the Austin area.

In town for a business conference, we finally got a chance to meet — over coffee — at Galaxy Cafe.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’ve spoken to a lot of first time investors / property owners. Many of them have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

But Jonathan was different.

From the first sip, it was clear to me that he did not fit that mold. A sharp dude. He had a confident aura about him that only comes from someone who’s done his due diligence.

As a matter of fact, since our conversation six weeks prior, he’d already called an audible. Rather than getting his feet wet in the Austin market, where mistakes could be co$tly, he’d chosen to set his sights first on the DFW area.

He decided to partner with a friend [on the ground in Dallas] who’d been around the block a few times already.

He told me he’d rather give up equity initially to learn from someone with experience. To make the ‘newbie mistakes’ in a somewhat controlled environment.

To invest in growth and develop the proper mindset.

And see, this is an important distinction to make . . . 

Jonathan is no rookie, when it comes to the dynamics of running profitable ventures. He produced more than $1 million in business last year, for his medical devices company, in California.

And with that, he has enough awareness to know what he knows. To know what he doesn’t know. And to recognize that there is an entire world of things that he doesn’t know he doesn’t know.

Much like his parents before him, I find that type of understanding commonplace amongst our most committed and successful clients.

A firm grasp on reality.

An inherent resourcefulness.

A true appreciation for the possibilities.

Heck, that’s what our entire approach is geared around. And it stands to reason why those are the types of people we choose to surround ourselves with.

Like attracts like . . . 

Friday evening, after I wrapped up my final interview, I pulled out a notecard and a pen. I wrote Cyndi and Gary a note.

A note to express my gratitude for putting Jonathan and me in touch.

A note to tell them how impressed I was with their son and his accomplishments. How proud they must be.

A clear reflection on his upbringing.

If experience has taught me anything … those character traits are not birthed by accident. Those attributes, not nearly as common as one would hope.

Trust me, I spent the past six weeks looking at applications, reading resumes, watching videos and researching potential teammates.

And I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty easy to spot the unicorn. 

It’s just a feeling that you get, when you know. And it’s that same feeling that gives me the confidence to say that we are making the right hire for our organization too.

The future is bright.

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