Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Fridays

I went back to look and I couldn’t believe that it’s been almost six months since my last “5 Minute Friday.” If you recall, earlier this Spring, I decided to write the occasional five minute Friday email — to casually highlight five things top of mind — and share it buffet-style.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year . . .

I briefly alluded to it in my newsletter this past month but aside from perhaps the start of baseball season, this is my favorite time of the year. For one, the kids are both back in school and we’re back into a more predictable routine. Hallelujah. Love those two but I tell ya, the last 2–3 weeks of summer … Uncle!

Oh, and Football season is here. Kristin and I went to the UT game last Saturday. Aside from the ahem . . . final score and the fact we baked for the entire first half, it was great to get out to a game (by ourselves) again. How many years has it been? And of course, this Sunday I look forward to hours of NFL RedZone.

The kids have already been made aware that for some weird reason their shows “don’t work” on Sunday afternoons during football season.

I Admit, I’ve Been On A Bit of A Binge Lately . . .

It all started a couple of months ago . . . with Goliath, one of those Amazon original series’s. A 12-episode legal drama with Billy Bob Thornton. Remember him? Highly entertaining. After I powered through that one, I moved on to Suits. Who knew that the USA channel actually has decent programming these days?

It didn’t take me long to binge the entire 6 seasons. It went something like this . . . Kids are put to bed. Kitchen is cleaned up. Suits is fired up. Kristin comes downstairs, shaking her head. You’re obsessed! Maybe. Funny thing is, I don’t usually watch much TV. But when I’m hooked, I’m hooked.

Now, I’m right in the middle of Season 3 — Game of Thrones. What can I say? I held out as long as I could but finally tired of being ‘out of the loop.’ Too many damn GOT references in my timelines . . . I had to see what I was missing?

By the way, did you know that each one of those episodes costs about $10 million to produce? Wow!

Speedings Things Up While Slowing Them Down . . . 

Speaking of obsession, this is one that I’ve been giving ALOT of thought to lately. The concept of “Macro Patience but Micro Speed.” The turtle in the hare’s costume. Or is it the other way around? Not sure. Either way, it’s something that I’ve heard Gary Vaynerchuk talk about.

The concept of having enough conviction and courage to slow the heck down. Knowing that building something meaningful takes 10, 20 or even 30 years. But at the same time, being able to appreciate the value of a daily sprint. A sprint to serve and develop and raise the standards of execution. Because like I heard someone else say the other day, eventually skill kicks talent’s ass.

Skill, Ive learned, is available to just about anyone who is willing to stay the course and do the work.

Too Many Books And Not Enough Time . . .

There is a running joke in a community that I’m a part of, that collectively we are putting Jeff Bezos’s kids through college. You know, the Amazon guy. You get the gist. Books. Lots of them. And true to form, I’m right in the middle of reading a number of titles.

For starters, there is Story Smart, a book about using the power of story to persuade, influence and inspire. Then there is Rocket Fuel, a book about how the effective partnerships accelerate business growth. And I’ve been listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck on a new service that I signed up for — Scribd.

Finally, just a couple mornings ago, I picked up Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich. I plan on spending a bit of time each morning immersed in his message.

And A Couple Of Updates From Recent Weeks . . .

Remember Maurice Fleming, the injured rookie cornerback from Hard Knocks that I wrote about two Fridays ago? Well, he reached a six figure injury settlement with the team. I realize money can’t pay for missed opportunity but as a consolation price, it’s not too shabby.

Remember last week I mentioned that JJ Watt had raised over $10 million to help hurricane victims in the Houston area. Yeah, well, that’s old news. Thanks to a $5 million donation from the owners of HEB, the new total is almost $29 million!!

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in the path of Hurricane Irma this weekend. At some point this has to stop, right? It was almost a year ago that I was forced to flee Florida early as Hurricane Matthew was on the way. I was in Orlando for a conference. Fortunately that was more of a false alarm than anything. Hopefully that ends up being the case with Irma as well.

. . . 4:57 . . . 4:58 . . . 4:59 . . . 5:00

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