Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Fridays

A very big and public thank you for all of the birthday responses, texts, Facebook messages and well wishes last Friday/Saturday. I had a great weekend and a busy birth “day” that was filled with baseball and family celebration. Thats the ‘tops,’ in my book.

Allergy attacks aside, this is my favorite time of the year. Spring has sprung. Weather’s great. Opening Day for Major League Baseball is just days away. My Fantasy Baseball Team has been drafted. The slate is clean. Lots of promise and I’m ready to go. To that point, here’s another quick Five Minute Friday as we put a bow on March.


This month I finished reading Seven Days in Utopia by David Cook. If you’re a golfer or a sports fan in general, chances are you’ve read the book or seen the movie. I’ve done both before but recently I had the itch to pull the book back out for a second reading. It’s funny … as you know, I’m a big note taker and ‘journaler,’ and when I typed ‘Utopia’ into Evernote — to see what I may have jotted down in the past — I pulled up a note that I wrote back on March 23rd of 2012, after the first time I read the book. Part of that note read …

“Something keeps tugging at me … I know that I am making a difference in people’s lives with what I am doing professionally but I also know there is another level. There is something more impactful that I am called to do. I don’t know what it is yet but I feel like my life has only just begun to scratch the surface of ‘significance.’ There are too many “coincidences” to be “coincidences.” It’s difficult to describe but with every sense of my being, I feel that I was put here on earth to leave a lasting footprint. I don’t want to say that I have been playing “small” to this point but I also know that I am capable and I am being called to ‘step my game up’ … called to live for significance. And as I walk that path, more and more will be revealed to me. I just know it.”Note I Wrote Myself 5 years Ago

Like I said, that was almost five years ago, to the date, that I wrote that. And ironically enough, I walked away from the book, this time, with the same conviction. I’m still on that same path, just four years further down the road. And this go round, something else stuck with me and it was in the “About the Author” section, not the body of the book.

It said: “Dr. David Cook (author) is on a mission to coach the eternal legacies of men. Moving men from success to significance is his passion.” I can’t help but think thats a pretty damn good aim, for this life.

I am also about 80% of the way through Into the Deep, a tragic and uplifting memoir by Robert Rogers. A man who lost his wife and four young children in a freak flash flood, one night in 2001, on a Kansas Turnpike no less.

And just this past week, I began reading Ego is the Enemy, the 2016 Bestseller by Ryan Holiday, who also wrote the popular title, The Obstacle is the Way.


This week I’ve been semi-binge listening to The Joy of Procrastination, a podcast by Dan Sullivan and Dean Jackson. That said, it wasn’t but 10 minutes into the first show that I got my biggest takeaway for this week. Dan, who is 72-years old and founder/owner of Strategic Coach, and organization that has been coaching the ‘business elite’ for forty years, admitted to being a procrastinator … and he said that the prior 8 weeks (before the interview) had been the most productive cycle of his entire business career because (in his words) …

Now I get up and I just take a sheet of paper and say, “What am I procrastinating most about right now?” Then I say, “Let’s plan the day on the basis of my biggest procrastinations.” I’m going to go after three of them today, three of these procrastinations. I know that if I work on the most important procrastination, it’s actually the most important thing that I should be doing with my time today. I’m letting the power of the procrastination identify the priority of the activities that I should be doing.

This week, when I sat down to write out my priority list for the week, I tried Dan’s approach. Typically I struggle to determine exactly what my top priorities should be, because I want to get ‘everything’ done. This week I simply asked myself, what is the number one (most important) thing that I am procrastinating on … and the next … and the next. Then I asked myself, what I am most likely to procrastinate on next. And before I knew it, I had a list of my top 5–6 priorities for the week. A list that probably would have looked different had I used my traditional approach. I can report that it’s pretty empowering when you begin your day with your number one procrastination. As I write this, on Thursday morning, I’ve knocked off the top 4 for the week and plan on having them all done by Friday afternoon.


To Collin Nowak, owner of Panther Inspections … In one of the recent overnight storms, with heavy winds, we had a section of roof shingles on the ridge of our house blow off. It’s kind of unnerving to wake up to find roof shingles strewn across your backyard. I reached out to Collin and asked if he a referral for a roofer who would actually ‘do repairs.’ It’s been my experience, in helping clients, that most roofing companies snub their noses at the ‘little stuff.’ Collin said, “Call John.” When I reached out to John Quirk with Echelon Roofing, he said …

Within a couple days, he had a crew out to the house to replace the damaged shingles and they were very easy to deal with.

Likewise for Chris Brooks with Squared Away Plumbing … he was referred to me by a couple of different people that I trust. A client of mine engaged him for a follow up plumbing inspection and estimate after the general inspection found some potentially significant plumbing concerns. Chris’s careful diagnostic resulted in us being able to negotiate over $3000 in repair credits for my client to address certain issues after closing.

Big Thanks to Collin, John and Chris!

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