Fascinated with Humble Beginnings

“World’s new richest man,” did you hear about it? 
We all knew it would happen. Amazon.com founder, Jeff Bezos, recently passed Bill Gates for the title. A net worth of $105 billion.
Not bad for a guy who started by selling books out of his garage …
Come to think of it, Bezos even looks like ‘Warbucks.’
But what intrigues me most is not the monumental wealth, it’s the humble beginning. Amazon wasn’t always Amazon.
It started small.
We all do. 
One man with belief and a vision. 
I’m curious by nature. I’m fascinated by epic success stories. I can’t help by ask, how does an Amazon-like transformation happen?
I mean, if I could figure that out, it’d help in growth of our real estate business. It could increase our ability to amplify the message of our podcast guests. It could provide opportunities for growth. Create more jobs. Hire more people. Thus, build faster. Thus, make more impact…  
From my research, here are three lessons: 
#1 — Vision
From the earliest days, Bezos had, “an explosive vision for the company’s growth and a plan for e-commerce domination.” After all, he did name the company after the world’s largest river. Right?
#2 — Intense Customer Focus 
Since day one, Bezos has focused on simplifying the customer experience. The key has been Amazon’s ability to expand and adapt it’s offerings to match the speed of consumer behavior.  
#3 — Relentless Execution
“Ideas have very little value in business and what turns out to have huge value is execution.” That’s a direct quote from Bezos from before the company was even profitable. It speaks to the importance of operationalizing the day to day business operations.
Cate and I have been having the exact same conversations this week. I brought Cate, my new operations and media director, onboard to do just that. To simplify and ratify the day to day processes & principles of our business.
Processes that allow Three Pillars Realty to deliver a consistent, predictable client experience.
Processes that allow Voices of Impact to amplify the voice of the leaders in our community.
It sure ain’t sexy but it’s a model that has proven the test of time.
The ability to scale any ‘start-up’ begins with one key hire. Then two. Then three. You stack the bench with talent. Ryan (Johnson) has been with the team for 9–10 months. He’s done a nice job helping me pull the sled, as we gain momentum with the “Three Pillars Way.
Now Cate comes on board, to help lighten the load.
Three to six months from now, we’ll bring in 1–2 other service-minded individuals. We’ll certify them on our approach to serving clients and the local community.
Six to twelve month later, I envision us hiring another “builder” to take Cate’s position. That’ll free up up to expand her influence inside the business(es).
Before you know it, the runners on that sled are pointing downhill. At that point, the momentum is going to be pretty damn hard to stop.
That starts with Vision.
Without vision, direction and purpose, there is no hope.
That’s what this week has been all about. Setting the vision. Crystalizing objectives. Positioning Cate to reverse engineer our purpose into day to day processes.
We’ve covered a ton of ground this week. Hence the mental fatigue.
And as my friend and mentor Ryan (Fletcher) wrote earlier this week:
“To profitably do the work that you love, to build the legacy that is congruent with what you stand for, there is no quick or easy path. So you best have a damn good team and be surrounded by damn good people.”
 Amen …
We are getting there.

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Ryan France

Ryan France is a native of Austin Texas, father of two, super-early riser, avid reader, admitted podcast junkie & bulletproof coffee addict. In a past life, France was an aspiring professional baseball player. Today, Ryan is an entrepreneur, author and relentless innovator of the real estate industry. Read more on the "Who is Ryan?" page.