Continuing To Narrow The Gap

The Sooner You Use It

Last week, I mentioned my trip to Orlando. A trip I feared might not happen, last Wednesday morning, as I found myself in the Starbucks parking lot, sitting behind the wheel of a car that refused to start.

Seven minutes before I was supposed to drop Collin off at school and a little over two hours before I was scheduled to be at the airport . . . my world came to a complete and sudden standstill.

But I’ll save that story for a different day.

Future newsletter fodder, perhaps.

What I want to talk about this morning are the golden nuggets of wisdom that I brought home with me, in my mental suitcase.

I’ve been a member of “this community” for two and a half years now. It’s commonly referred to as P/SS — The Protector Social Superhero program. A tribe of mission-driven individuals doing their damnedest to put a positive spin on a negative-reputation industry.

This past week was the fifth “live event” that I’ve attended with this band of misfits. And while each one has been special in it’s own right, I’ve never been more motivated to “DO,” than I am after returning from Florida, this past Sunday.

It reminds me of an article that I wrote three years ago. An article about a postcard in the mail. A postcard that read, In big BOLD letters:


Here’s what I wrote at the time . . .

That postcard headline (^) recently caught my attention, as I was sorting through our mail one day. Oddly enough, it was a coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, making reference to a sliding savings percentage depending upon when the coupon was redeemed … a perfect metaphor for something that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently.

You see, I have an intense thirst for knowledge. Always have. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m a huge consumer of ideas and constantly seeking more efficient strategies. That’s the blessing part. But those ideas aren’t worth the paper they are written on without implementation. And that’s the curse. Sometimes it seems, the greater the velocity of my idea consumption, the less implementation I actually do.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Diminishing Intent? Coined by Jim Rohn and expounded upon by others, it basically states, the longer you wait to do something you should do right now, the odds of you actually doing it decrease exponentially.

How many times have you had a momentary inspiration, a potentially great idea, a spark of genius, only to rationalize that you’ll get to it later or do that when you are or have ______? What we fail to realize is that the future becomes our reality based on what we are thinking and acting upon today.

If we do not translate our intention into action quickly, urgency diminishes and passion grows cold. We are masterful at talking ourselves out of things, especially the ones we know require some momentary discomfort. I recently heard someone say, it’s far easier to act your way into new thinking than to think your way into new action.

And that is exactly why these events are invaluable to me … Having the opportunity to get out of my normal environment and surround myself with people who force me to expand my vision. Who make me question my assumptions and inspire me to act my way into new models of thinking.

At the event last week, my friend and group mentor, Ryan Fletcher, held out his arms as far and wide as he could. He said, on one end of the spectrum you have the ability to ask great questions and on the other end, the ability to find great answers.

The goal, of course, over time, is to continue to narrow that gap. To be able to look out on the horizon at the realm of possibilities and from there reel it all the way back into the day to day. To go from visualization to actualization. 

From SEE to DO.

I heard someone mention, on a podcast the other day, that the whole purpose of a goal is to inform your actions … to be appropriate, in the moment. To help you identify, based on your bigger vision, how the highest and best version of yourself needs to be showing up TODAY.

When you go through that process, in lock step with others on a parallel path, you figure out pretty quickly there are other things you need to be considering and changes you need to be making.

As my friend Amber reminded me this week, the book of Proverbs says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

So this week, for me, has been all about taking swift and decisive action. Before my sharpened iron has the opportunity to be dulled.

On Monday, I ordered $600 worth of new audio equipment, so that I can start doing the majority of my podcast interviews face to face. I believe this will help me build even better rapport with my guests and improve the overall quality.

I placed a new order of books, so that we can start cast a wider net and start educating more people on how to avoid fundamental mistakes and maximize profit from their home sale. I finished my first draft of an Evidence of Success booklet, highlighting some of our most successful clients.

I’ve reached out to a couple of people locally that I want to partner up with on various projects . . . And of course, perhaps the biggest thing I need to tackle in the coming weeks is identifying a director of operations to help build out Three Pillars Realty and further ‘the mission.’

No doubt there will be plenty of frustration as I work to continue to narrow that gap between question and answer. Between vision and action. Between see and do. But it’s all geared toward taking things to a different level. Thats where the value lies.

And the sooner you use (DO) it, the more it’s worth.

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Ryan France

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