I Can Sense The Momentum Building

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Last Saturday morning on our way out the door to a t-ball tournament, I opened my email and found something completely unexpected. It was a message. From my buddy Clark. One of my teammates from UT.  A guy I probably haven’t spoken to in five years.

Hey Ryan, in my weekly search for new podcasts to listen to, I ran across Voices of Impact. What an incredible job you have done. I listened to all five episodes on my daily commutes this week! You are obviously very talented and may have found your ultimate calling. So proud of you and to hear about the success you have had. I wish you the best with the new podcast brother. Keep it up!! Please give the family a hello, and hopefully we can catch up sometime soon. — CTMessage From My Buddy Clark

And, in reference to the note that I posted on my personal Facebook wall — the comments echoed similar sentiments. “Awesome … Love it … Well done, well said … Stoked for you … You’re going to knock this out of the ballpark …”

But it was this one that I think captures the true essence behind ‘why’ I wanted to start the podcast in the first place.

Samantha wrote, “Congrats! You have always had such a gift with words and creativity. Love that you are using these skills to help others in the community. This sounds like an incredible calling for you!”

Listen, I don’t if I was ‘called’ to be a podcast host. 🙂 It may be a bit premature to etch that into my headstone. But what I do know is this …

The joy that you get out of spotlighting the hard work and the good will of others — far exceeds anything that you can do on your own. 

And the kind of response that my initial guests have received so far, is what excites me most. It’s what fuels my ambition with this project.

From Alicia’s episode that we released last Friday, check out the comments and commentary.

Alicia Hoffman Interview Feedback

And from Meagan’s interview that was rolled out this Tuesday … almost a mirror image.

Meagan Miksch Interview Feedback

The response has been similar on Instagram too. And in just the past 10 days, we’d had over 250 downloads which, compared to the titans of podcasting, isn’t much but thrills the heck out of me.

I can sense momentum building … and it’s awesome.

I love momentum.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback and the support of our outstanding guests, so far. The plan is to release one new interview each week, moving forward. If you want to catch new episode releases, subscribe to receive your weekly dose of impact. Or join the conversation on the Facebook page.

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