The ‘Other Side’ of the Coin

Other Side of the Coin

I write often, highlighting my clients. Sharing their stories and triumphs — the successes enjoyed by way of hard work and a firm buy-in to a proven process. There is the flip side though. There has to be, right? Otherwise there would be no contrast. No yin to the yang. No difference in approach. Fortunately, I don’t have to share them often but . . . The stories from ‘the other side’ of the coin are equally
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Value Driven Approach [Case Study]

Ridgewood Sold

Ryan is the kind of agent you go to when you are serious about selling. I knew quickly that he understood our objectives and was instrumental in helping us get the house in shape for a quick sale. Ryan is a great communicator. He provides a realistic perspective on market conditions and what is needed to move a property.  David Coulter, Home Seller What happens when the property is in Cedar Park, the occupant is on
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Taking The ‘Longcut’

Boulder up a hill

One of the nice things about being in New York last week, with Kristin, was the opportunity to actually have a few adult conversations. At this stage in life, those opportunities, at home, are few and far between. Back at the hotel, over drinks one night, Kristin mentioned that she wanted to know more about what’s going on “behind the scenes” with my business. My immediate, almost reflexive, response was “No you don’t. Trust me,
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Yankee Stadium: Only Ten Years Late

Yankees Game 1

In April 2002, I had the first of two surgeries on my right elbow. I’d torn the ulnar collateral ligament, which required a ‘tommy john’ procedure. Seven months of grueling rehab thereafter, my arm was literally stuck at a thirty degree angle. Deadlocked. Scar tissue. “It’s just scar tissue,” the doctor told me. “You need to work harder to break it up.” So, I continued to crank on that elbow. Literally. Morning, Noon and Night.
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Behind the Curtain Update | July 2016

Behind the Curtain

Kristin and I have this running joke at the house. She’s constantly saying to me, “I never know what you are doing . . .” I guess she wonders what the hell am I doing, at 4:30am 5–6 days a week. What am I listening to on my earbuds, while mowing, walking or working out? What the heck is that bizarrely titled book on my nightstand etc.? Looking back over my inventory of emails, I can’t
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Sage Advice From the Dugout

Sage Advice From The Dugout

This is the second article in the July 2016 Edition of The Ryan France Letter.  For added context, you may want to read the articles in sequential order starting with: The Power of Consistency.  It was a particularly hot, muggy night in late July 2004. I was sitting in the home dugout at Falwell Field, which at the time was the home of the Salem (VA) Avalanche — high-A affiliate of the Houston Astros. We were deep into the
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The Power of Consistency

Taxi Cab

Memorable For All The Right Reasons I’ve been to Las Vegas more times than I care to count. But a couple months ago, when I flew up there to attend a business conference, it was the first time I’d ever stayed ‘off the strip.’ We rented a massive VRBO (vacation rental) about a mile and half from the airport. If that. I mean, we are talking reee-ally close. As I prepped for my trip, I flirted
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